Thursday, May 29, 2014

Choose Your Battles Wisely

When two people are together, differing opinions occasionally arise. It's just normal and probably a good thing.  Jerry keeps me balanced by looking at all sides of things instead of just my opinion.

In the Old Testament, the Israelite leaders inquired of the Lord before entering battles to see whether they were supposed to fight. Sometimes they were told to move forward and other times, they knew they were not to fight.  If only we could take a step back and pray before entering into a verbal battle with our spouse we would be better off.  

In 1 Samuel 23,  after winning a battle God ordained, David heard Saul was in pursuit of him.  Instead of attacking Saul, David fled.  He recognized King Saul as an authority figure, and knew he must honor Saul’s position and was not ever supposed to battle him.  

In our marriages, we are to join together against outside forces and things that seek to divide us – and not against each other.   When we fight battles we are not supposed to be engaged in, we inflict wounds that God never intended for us to have.    

Satan recognizes the unity we have together as couples, and he will go to great lengths to bring division in marriages.   Let's not wound each other.  Instead,  let us be wise to Satan’s schemes, bite our tongues and not say things to each other we might later regret.

Learn to hear your spouse out, even if you don't think you will fully agree with what he or she has to say.  At least you can acknowledge his or her opinion as valid.

If a solution can't be reached, it's important to let it go for a while, both of you pray about it and discuss it again later.  The key to finding the right solution is being willing for God to change your mind - and you in the process.  

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