Thursday, August 13, 2015

Marriage Can Be Restored

Recently I was going through some files and came across an article Jerry wrote concerning our marriage.  I thought I would share that with you today:

A good marriage doesn't just happen.  It requires lots of hard work; however, it is well worth the investment.  I believe every marriage is a target of the enemy.  The interesting thing is he always uses the same strategy.  Why?  Because it works!

I found myself after 14 years of marriage falling into that same trap.  On the surface we had a picture perfect situation -- nice home, good job, three awesome kids, a couple of pets, and my wife and I were also involved in church leadership.  Without going into the details, let's just say our marriage became another statistic.  In my mind, it was over.  However, God had other plans due to my praying wife.

After being separated for quite some time, I started to realize the devastation divorce would have not only on my wife and me but also on our children.  God allowed me to see the effect it would have on future generations as well.  (Exodus 20:5-6)

Rebuilding our family was as slow as building a real house.  In every building project, there are good days and bad.  That's the way it was with us.  We had to reestablish friendship and learn how to communicate once again.  We learned to overlook each other's mistakes and serve each other instead of focusing on our own needs.

Over time, we were amazed at the love we had for each other.  Because of what we have gone through, we are passionate about marriages.  We know if our marriage can be saved, so can anyone's.