Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How to Keep Your Marriage Sizzling

Incorporating intimacy in a busy life is not an easy thing to do with the lifestyles of today.  When we get married we are so “in love” we don’t think things will ever change, but they often do. Marriage has a tendency of becoming routine. The bills have to be paid, houses certainly aren’t self-cleaning, and cars have to be maintained. Add kids to that, and life becomes complex.

It takes extra effort when life starts moving in the fast lane to keep your relationship with your spouse sizzling.

Jerry and I never thought we would have any relationship problems – much less be faced with divorce. We were Christians – even involved in church leadership. However, we found ourselves in the middle of circumstances we certainly didn’t see coming.

Without a lot of details, about 20 years ago we separated. By all outward appearance, there was no hope, but God had other plans.

After a long separation, we decided to begin again. This time, we vowed to be more on guard and alert to keep our marriage strong.

We heard recently someone say you can learn from either mistakes or mentors. We hope our example will keep you from making the mistakes we did.

In coming weeks, I will post on this blog four areas that we learned to change in our lives: Our priorities, boundaries and accountability, the atmosphere in our home, and romance.

We will begin with Boundaries and Accountability because we were asked specifically to post ours so you could think about what you needed in your own home.

Our home boundaries will be different from yours. Each home has a different dynamic. Let ours be a challenge to you to find ones that fit your lifestyle.
Our kids are now grown, so we would love to hear from those of you in that stage of life. Please share with us what your boundaries are involving children.

Home Boundaries:
1. Music during dinner (no tv).
2. Internet – one hour only allowed when we’re home at night. No questionable websites allowed – see #3.
3. Watch what we put before our eyes and ears. (Psalm 101:3 – I will not put anything wicked in front of my eyes) – includes movies, tv, reading materials, internet.
4. No secret passwords on the computer or elsewhere between spouses.
5. Play music in the bedroom instead of the tv. If there’s a special program to watch, both must agree.
6. Get ready for bed at 9:30 on weeknights. (Of course exceptions allowed based on circumstances but must be agreed on by both spouses).

Boundaries Involving Others:
1. No outings with the opposite sex alone.
2. No counseling or talking about personal things (including spiritual) to opposite sex alone.
3. No carpooling with opposite sex alone.
4. No secret phone calls, texts or emails.
5. No social networking private conversations with the opposite sex.
6. No uncovering of spouse to others.
7. No flirting with anyone except spouse.

1. Have another couple in marriage ministry we can talk with.
2. Share with spouse when someone comes on to me or when tempted.
3. Have an accountability partner to talk with regularly.

We could write an entire post on each boundary, so it’s difficult not to expound. Maybe we will go more indepth later; however, we just wanted you to get the picture so you could get some dialogue going with your spouse.

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  1. J&D, this is so good. Thank you for taking the time to write out all your boundaries. We appreciate your honesty; builds respect in our hearts for you. We love the part about mistakes vs mentors. So right on! We'll take mentors anyday. Thank you Jesus for marriages like the Gray's, Love...The O's