Thursday, October 23, 2014

Unconditional Love

I just got back from NC where I spent some time with my mom.  My step-dad went to be with the Lord on October 10th.  I know it is a difficult time for her.

On November 11th, they would have been married eight years.  They had some great times together.  We reminisced about their experiences while we were there.

Three years ago Bill had a stroke.  He recovered somewhat but has had some health issues ever since.  There have been good days and bad, but they pressed on together and loved each other despite challenges.

I watched my mom care for Bill as his health declined -- something I wish no one had to ever experience.   She loved him unconditionally every day of his life.  The wedding vows promising to love each other "in sickness and in health" took on a deeper meaning for me.

When I look at what they have gone through, it makes me realize how important it is to cherish everyday with Jerry.   It's easy to get caught up in the circumstances of life and take for granted what God has given us together.

Today, take a moment to appreciate your spouse and your relationship.  If it is strained, remember life is fragile and short.  Make amends and enjoy life with your spouse.

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  1. So love this. Just tonight, my husband has worked 2 - 12 hour days, on his feet and hard work and he so politely ask me if I would rub his feet. What a blessing for me. I grabbed some home made salve and propped his feet up and massaged and rubbed and loved him right off to sleep. He may be sleeping but I'm walking around smiling and thanking God for the blessing of a good Godly man. I enjoy your blogs Debbie : )