Thursday, August 21, 2014

Married for Life

This week, Shelly and Bob’s marriage is over.  Not because they had a disagreement or could not get along.  God took Bob home.

They were married for 50 years.  I have not had an opportunity to chat with Shelly about what made their marriage special, but the day is coming when I will. 

I do know they had a great relationship, one with no regrets.  She would probably tell me not to hold grudges – you never know what tomorrow will bring. 

They enjoyed each other’s company and were great companions for each other.  Life will be difficult for Shelly without Bob, but she will make it. 

We talked earlier today about the fact that God had more for her to do.  Personally, I think she can be a great example to the young married couples in this day and time.   I know I want to learn her secrets to a successful marriage.

Let me encourage you today to cherish your spouse.  Life is fragile, and we must be mindful to live each day to the fullest extent. 

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