Thursday, July 10, 2014

Come Away My Beloved

Jerry and I just returned from a much needed vacation on the California coast.  It was awesome being able to get away from the heat in Arizona for a little while and a great time to communicate with each other. 

If you have never taken time away with just your spouse, let me encourage you to try it.  Getting away is not only refreshing physically but it is also a time to reconnect with each other without distractions you may have at home. 

Jerry and I have been married 37 years, and when our kids were young we made a decision to take an annual time away from them, usually around our anniversary.   It was something we considered as important as paying the electric bill.  

I think the kids enjoyed us going out of town as much as we did.  Most of the time they were with grandparents, although we made other arrangements at times too.  Whether it was for one night or an entire week, it’s amazing how much going away did for our marriage.  

We always had a family vacation too, but by taking a little time for ourselves first, we were better prepared for the pace of the family vacation.  

I believe one of the best things we can do for our kids is to show love for our spouse.  It makes them feel secure and models for them what a healthy marriage is to be like.  

Waiting till our kids are grown to take time alone is just not reasonable.  If we concentrate on our kids and all they are involved in and don’t nurture our spouse, we probably won’t have much of a relationship by the time they are grown and gone. 

Even though we are empty nesters, we still make time for dates and over nighters.   It is one of the things that has kept us passionate about each other.   Taking ourselves out of routine does wonders for our relationship.  I’m sure you will find the same thing happens for you. 

There are many vacation deals around Arizona in the summer.  Getting away doesn’t have to take you far.  Make arrangements for a family member to keep your kids or trade with a friend.   It is an investment in your marriage that will pay huge dividends. 

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